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The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is committed to continuing its engagement with the world, and the presence of the delegation of the Islamic Emirate in Qatar meeting is a sign of such a commitment.

The BNA analyst writes, a high-rank delegation of Islamic Emirate led by Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi is in Doha. Emirate of Afghanistan delegation met with senior diplomats from the Gulf, EU representatives and a number of scholars from the International Islamic organization.

Foreign media have considered these views and promises to be effective. It tells them about the present and the future of Afghanistan.

The Doha meeting comes as a number of countries are skeptical of the Islamic Emirate’s performance on human rights, women’s rights, security issues, the Islamic Emirate’s treatment of terrorist groups, the issue of inclusive government and other issues.

The Islamic Emirate has a clear plan on the issues mentioned above.

The problem is that foreign countries, especially those that have closed their political offices in Kabul, follow most of the issues related to Afghanistan through the media or have been influenced by reports that their self-proclaimed institutions The internationals publish it as being more seductive and misleading.

While the Islamic Emirate emphasizes the interaction of the world with the Islamic Emirate and is ready to explain the ambiguities that exist in the address of the Islamic Emirate.The problem is that countries that are concerned or have problems with the situation in Afghanistan get most of their information and information from a third source, and this can add to the ambiguities and problems that exist.

In such a view, it is better for countries that have closed their embassies in Kabul and continue to operate in Doha to reactivate political representations in Kabul and to follow developments in Afghanistan directly. Representatives of countries that have maintained their political representation in Kabul are less critical of the current situation in Afghanistan and more cooperative in spirit because they are directly involved in discussions with the Islamic Emirate and understanding the situation.

The view of the Islamic Emirate is to interact with the world. the more contacts and relations between the Islamic Emirate and other governments, the less problems and the higher the level of cooperation.

In general, the Islamic Emirate considers cooperation and convergence as a factor in avoiding the problems that overshadow regional and trans-regional relations today.

Afghanistan Foreign Ministry sources said that the current meeting in Doha will discuss a number of issues, including the spirit of co-operation with representatives of the participating countries, and that this could dispel suspicions.

The fact is that the calm diplomacy that the Islamic Emirate has pursued with other countries has brought the world closer to understanding the realities of Afghanistan, and that is a good message for the future.

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