Practical Work of Band-e-Sardeh Start in Ghazni 


KABUL(BNA) The Ministry of Energy and Water has announce start of the practical work of “Sardeh Dam” in Ghazni.

In a newsletter to BNA from the Ministry, saying, the ” Sardeh Dem” project is the second largest project in the country, which was established in 1967 and has two canals with a capacity of irrigating 76,000 acres of land.

According to the newsletter, 70% of the land irrigated by this dam is government property and the rest is private.

According to the Ministry of Energy and Water, non-reconstruction work has been carried out in Band-e-Sardeh (Sardeh Dem) for the past 30 years, but with the rule of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan over the country, the project was surveyed by the Ghazni Maritime Sub-Basin The world (WFP) is entrusted to the HAALO Institute.

It’s mentionable, that practical works of this project in the sections of canal cleaning, reconstruction of siphons, construction of pond for irrigation of trees and planting of seedlings are being carried out in a practical way and with the completion of the project, 80 villages with 95,000 inhabitants 500 tons of work space will also be favorable.

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