IEA meets with EU delegates to discuss wide range of issues, including education

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) delegation led by Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi met Tuesday with the European Union representatives in Doha, Qatar, to discuss a number of issues including the right to education for women.
Tomas Niklasson, Special Envoy of the European Union for Afghanistan, said in a series of tweets that the Afghan delegation referred to the opening of universities for men and women and its commitment to reopening primary and secondary schools for boys and girls no later than March – across the country.
The Afghan delegation highlighted the right of men and women to education, said Niklasson adding that the IEA also stressed the important role women could play in the development of a self-reliant Afghanistan.
“The Afghan delegation confirmed that legislation in place, on 15 August, was still in place pending the results of a legislative review.”
“We expressed grave concern about enforced disappearances and unlawful arrests, and about women being mistreated by police during peaceful demonstrations,” Niklasson added.
He stated: “We also pointed to the lack of political representation and the systematic denial of the rights of women and minorities.”
The EU, meanwhile, emphasized the importance of “unimpeded access for humanitarian aid via INGOs and UN partners and respect for International Humanitarian Law.”
Niklasson stated that the EU remains committed to the Afghan people in Afghanistan.
He added that the EU is distributing 500 million euros in assistance through UN and NGOs focusing on food, health, WASH and protection, education, and livelihood.
“The two delegations agreed to continue the dialogue through physical and virtual meetings,” he said.
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