Harassment of Civilians in Panjshir: Dozens of Families Leave the Province Daily

Some citizens in Panjshir claim that dozens of families leave the province every day due to harassment by current government forces. According to them, after the armed attacks against the government forces, local government forces conduct house-to-house inspections, even beating and imprisoning the residents of the same neighborhoods. Meanwhile, local officials in Panjshir province called the allegations “rumors”.

Qandagha (a pseudonym) is a resident of Rokha district. He intends to move from this province to Kabul. Speaking to Hasht-e Subh, Qandagha said that although he is not in a good economic situation, he has to move his family from Panjshir. Qandagha added that every time the forces of the ruling government in Panjshir are targeted by armed attacks or landmines, the “innocent” residents are harassed by these forces. He added that the local government in Panjshir is also harassing people at the gates of the province. “Every explosion or armed attack that takes place in our area, the local government forces harass, beat and even imprison the innocent residents,” he said.

“We can no longer tolerate this situation and that is why we are moving,” Qandagha added. “In our village alone, out of 40 households, 26 families have already moved. These families even interrogated by local government forces at the Tang Road checkpoint in Panjshir province and harassed under various pretexts.”

According to the residents of Panjshir province, most of the families who are leaving their homes are residents of the center, Rokha, Anaba, and Shotul districts in the province.

Meanwhile, some civil activists in Panjshir province have expressed concern about the relocation of the province’s residents, saying that the continuation of this process has harmed the morale of the province’s residents. Khalil Sabr, a civil activist in Panjshir, told Hasht-e Subh that dozens of residents of the province are being displaced daily. Sabr called on the local government of Panjshir province to stop the people who are harassing the residents of this province as soon as possible. “These days, we are witnessing the displacement of dozens of families from different parts of Panjshir province,” he said. “The reason is the persecution of the locals by the current government forces.”

“This trend has negatively affected the morale of residents, especially women and children. We want the local government forces in the province to stop harassing the people so that at least the people can feel at ease.”

Meanwhile, local officials in Panjshir province called the allegations “rumors”. Abu Bakr Siddiq, a spokesman for the governor of Panjshir, told Hasht-e Subh that a “small” number of families may move out of their areas for various reasons, but that the claim that more villages were evacuated is baseless.

It is worth mentioning that in the first days after the fall of the republic, there were reports of forced displacement of Panjshir residents. It was claimed at the time that thousands of residents had been displaced as a result of several months of fighting between the ruling government forces and the National Resistance Front.

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