USAID Resumes “Off-Budget” Activities in Afghanistan

The United States Agency for International Development
(USAID) has announced that it has resumed some of its activities in
Afghanistan, but has suspended all contacts with the former Afghan government.

The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan
Reconstruction, or SIGAR, says the US Agency for International Development
(USAID) has said that the agency has resumed some of its activities in
Afghanistan and that these activities are outside the US-funded budget.

“Last quarter, State Dept and
USAID told SIGAR they had suspended all contact with the former Afghan government,
and terminated, suspended, or paused all on-budget assistance (that is, funds
provided directly to Afghan authorities and controlled by them.)This quarter,
USAID informed SIGAR that they have resumed some off-budget (U.S.-managed)
activities in Afghanistan,” SIGAR said in a tweet.

“The Islamic Emirate asks the humanitarian
organizations to play their role in helping the people of Afghanistan in all
sectors, in the economy, health, development–all sectors–and to cooperate
with us based on a humanitarian point of view,” TOLO News quoted Bilal
Karimi, deputy spokesman of the Taliban government, as saying on Thursday.

The Islamic Emirate said it hopes that foreign countries
will help in solving the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

Source: Wadsam

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