Journalists Face Extraordinary Problems in Afghanistan: GIJN Report

Kabul – The Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) has reported since political upheaval in Afghanistan in August, there has been an extraordinary disruption in the country’s journalistic community, adding that some newsrooms have been moved out of Afghanistan.

On the other hand, the Global Journalism Network has stressed that, contrary to promises made, human rights and freedom of the press, independent media outlets inside Afghanistan have ceased to function; in addition, print media have not been published, and numerous journalists have been forced to flee the country.

Moreover, GIJN has reported that female journalists are being targeted specifically inside the country and they have left the profession en masse.

According to GIJN, the remaining journalists in Afghanistan use encrypted messages to exchange information.

“The exchange of information among journalists is an antidote to keeping investigative journalism alive,” a reporter told GIJN.

Meanwhile, the exiled journalists in Pakistan do not even consider their activities to be safe, fearing that the exchange of information among neighboring countries could lead to their return to Afghanistan.

It is worth mentioning the activity of more than 250 media outlets has been stopped and the remaining ones have been severely limited since the takeover.

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