Acting Defense Minister Rejects Terrorist Havens in Afghanistan

Kabul – In an interview with National TV (RTA), the acting defense minister Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob has denied allegations that terrorist groups have taken refuge in the country, adding these claims are baseless.

In addition, Mullah Yaqoob assures all neighboring countries and the world that Afghan territory will not be used against any country.

Meanwhile, in an interview with CNN, the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has recently said that the leaders of terrorist groups are entering Pakistan from Afghanistan.

“Three terrorist groups from Afghanistan launch operations inside Pakistan,” he told CNN. “Among the thousands of refugees entering Pakistan from Afghanistan are members of these three groups, including members of the Pakistani Taliban who are attacking Pakistan, Baluch insurgents, especially with their recent attacks, and ISKP.”

On the other hand, Mullah Yaqoob stressed that former military personnel who are conducting military exercises in other countries can work in the ministry after completing their training.

Moreover, Mr. Yaqoob has stated that ISKP is no threat to the country and the reports of torturing and killings of many former security forces by the government are untrue and are being propagandized to create public uncertainty.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has always claimed that the leaders of terrorist groups are in Afghanistan and they occasionally launch operations against Pakistan.

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