Opening First Clinic of Diagnosis-Treatment of Hyperlipidemia in Herat

HERAT (BNA) The first clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of hyperlipidemia has opened in Herat.

This clinic is the only station for treating hyperlipidemia patients and the first center for official statistics on the number of patients with disease in Afghanistan.

Hyperlipidemia (Blood lipid) clinic in Herat has been built inside the facilities of the central hospital of the province.

This center is equipped with modern medical devices and equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of hyperlipidemia.

Mohammad Aref Jalali, chief physician of Herat Central Hospital, told BNA, hyperlipidemia is a dangerous disease and the cause of several other diseases in humans and that more attention should be paid to it in Afghanistan.

He said that in addition to diagnosis and treatment, the center could inform people about changing their diet to prevent high blood fats and be a respectable station to obtain accurate statistics on blood lipid levels in Afghanistan.

Forty-five-year-old Bibi Khanum is suffering from hyperlipidemia. she, who is being treated at Herat Central Hospital, called on Afghan citizens to follow a healthy diet to avoid the disease Hyperlipidemia.

Improper use of cooking oil in Afghanistan has made blood lipids a common disease.

Although there is no accurate statistics on the incidence of hyperlipidemia in Afghanistan, health experts believe that Afghanistan is one of the few countries with a high incidence of hyperlipidemia.

Blood lipids eventually lead to heart disease, fatty liver disease, experts say.

Swapping to a healthy diet, especially skipping fatty foods, turning to vegetables, and exercising are called ways to reduce blood fats in the body.

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