US Decree on Afghan Assets Is Unjust, DAB Says

Kabul – Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) has called the US President’s order to cut Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves as unfair, and so to allocate it to irrelevant goals.

In addition, it said: “The Central Bank will never admit Afghanistan’s assets to be made available to others in the name of compensation or humanitarian aid.”

Moreover, the bank has stated that the country’s assets have been used to implement monetary policy, facilitate trade with the world and strengthen the country’s financial system and that the main owner is not the governments and parties but the people of Afghanistan.

Furthermore, it has stressed that the money belongs to the Afghan people and that the US should reconsider its decision and release all assets.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has allocated $3.5 billion of Afghanistan’s $7 billion in foreign exchange reserves to the victims of the 9/11 attacks in his latest decree.

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