Ashraf Ghani’s Top Envoy for Peace Meets Muttaqi

Kabul – Abdul Salam Rahimi, Ashraf Ghani’s special envoy for peace, met with the acting foreign minister after returning to the country.

In a video broadcast by RTA, Amir Khan Muttaqi welcomed his return. 

In the video, Muttaqi tells Rahimi: “Now that you are back, one day you can sit down to a televised debate and express your opinion, even if it is against the government.”

In addition, Muttaqi further told Salam Rahimi that there are no long-running military trains in Kabul now and that the ruler, the beggar, the officer, and everyone are touring the city without any worries.

Meanwhile, Abdul Salam Rahimi was the Minister of State for Peace during Ghani’s regime, and in the final months of the government, he was appointed as the special representative for peace, and left the country with the fall of the regime and has now returned.

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