Russia: The US supports ethnic strife in Afghanistan

Russian special presidential envoy for Afghansitan, Zamir Kabulov, in an interview with a Russian news agency said that Afghanistan is facing a grave humanitarian situation, and it will get worsen, too. Mr. Kabulov believes the main cause of this hardship is the freezing of Afghan assets by Washington.

Kabulov said about threats from Afghanistan that Americans and other Westerners intentionally or unintentionally with their policies are encouraging the narcotic and drug cultivation in Afghanistan.

Kabulov called the United States as a loser of the Afghan war and said the White House is seeking to support an ethnic-based civil war in Afghanistan, but he emphasized that an ethnopolitical government is needed in Afghanistan.

Kabulov said that the time is ripe to remove the Taliban from the list of Russian terrorist organizations, but the decision should be made by President Putin.

Mr. Kabulov’s remarks came amid growing concerns of people in the know about the Taliban’s unwillingness to allow ethnic groups to participate in power. They say the issue could pave the way for more foreign intervention, especially the outbreak of an ethnic-based civil war.

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