Evacuees From Afghanistan Rally in UAE to Protest Their Long Stay

Hundreds of evacuees from Afghanistan living in a camp in Abu Dhabi have protested and staged a sit-in over the slow processing of their immigration cases.

According to videos released from the Abu Dhabi camp, large numbers of immigrants have staged protests and sit-ins, criticizing their non-transfer to the United States.

The evacuees say they are still in limbo six months after being evacuated from Afghanistan.

The number of refugees in these camps is estimated at more than 10,000.

The protesters called on the US government to address their refugee status as soon as possible. The protesters accuse the Biden government of double standards in dealing with evacuees in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to Abu Dhabi, Afghan refugees also live in Doha. Protesters say those transferred to Doha will be transferred to the United States sooner.

A female officer, who worked in the former government, says she has been in limbo for six months. According to her, promises have been made many times, but in practice, there has been no progress.

She said the protesters wanted to be transferred to the United States.

Another protester said that in the camps, documented and undocumented evacuees were in a state of uncertainty and no attention has been paid to them.

Protesters had previously complained in Abu Dhabi about their situation in the camps.

It has recently been reported that the United States is building a rapid response center for Afghan refugees in Qatar. In this center, the immigrants’ cases are to be processed quickly.

The United States has reportedly evacuated 76,000 Afghan nationals to the United States so far. About 4,000 of them live in two military bases in the country, and the rest of them have been resettled. The remaining people are going to be resettled by February 15. The process of emergency evacuation began after the fall of the previous government, led by the United States, and lasted for 17 days.

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