UN Sends $32mn Cash Aid to Afghanistan

Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), Afghanistan’s central bank, announced that $ 32
million cash aid arrived in Kabul today as part of a series of humanitarian aid
to Afghanistan.

Da Afghanistan Bank said in a statement that the cash transfer had been made
to the Afghanistan International Bank (AIB) via Kabul Airport.

Meanwhile, Ramz Al-Akbarov, Deputy Assistant Secretary-General for
Afghanistan, met with Maulvi Abdul Salam Hanafi, Deputy Prime Minister, to
discuss the distribution of humanitarian aid.

During the meeting, Al-Akbarov said that the organization has so far been
able to transfer $312 million in cash to Afghanistan and that this amount is
not enough.

The deputy director of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian
Affairs also said that the organization pays the salaries of 2,500 health
clinics workers.

UN recently said it would send $ 20 million a week in cash to Afghanistan
by the end of March 2022.

Source: Wadsam

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