Incoming CENTCOM chief warns of ‘reconstituting’ al-Qaeda and ISIS

Lieutenant General Michael Kurilla, US President Joe Biden’s pick to be commander of Central Command, warned al-Qaeda and ISIS were “reconstituting” in a wide-ranging Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday.
“One of the challenges is the threat to the homeland from al-Qaeda and ISIS. They are reconstituting. The Taliban (Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) has not renounced al-Qaeda…CENTCOM chief While they have aspirations to attack the homeland, they do not have the capability yet. Additionally, we have the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan,” Kurilla told the Senate Armed Services Committee, Reuters reported.
He added that Iran was the “number one destabilizing factor in the Middle East” and that any agreement with them “should make sure that they do not get a nuclear weapon”.
Kurilla, who is part of the task force overseeing troop deployment amid escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia, said he was “very concerned about a Russian incursion invasion into Ukraine”.The post Incoming CENTCOM chief warns of ‘reconstituting’ al-Qaeda and ISIS first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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