Humanitarian Aid Should Not Be Linked To Political Circumstances/Commentary

Kabul (BNA) A senior UN official insists that Humanitarian aids should not take political motivated.
BNA analyst commenting on the issue writes, a high-ranking UN official emphasizes unconditional assistance to the Afghan people, saying humanitarian aid should be provided to the people of Afghanistan without any political considerations.
Meanwhile, The United States and the World Bank, have frozen billions of dollars in Afghanistan’s national assets, stressing that until a full-fledged government is created, Afghanistan will have these material assets locked up. Some conditions have completely stopped their aid to Afghanistan.
The problem is that these same countries are shouting for the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, worrying about the poor economic situation of the Afghan people, and warning of a humanitarian catastrophe in this country, except in providing aid and even repatriation. Make money that belongs to Afghanistan and can be used to improve the situation in this country, set conditions.
This indicates that these countries are pursuing human rights issues, except in principle, by pursuing economic pressures, pursuing their specific goals in Afghanistan, and thus shaping humanitarian aid and its political identity.
The remarks by Ramz Al-Akbarov, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Afghanistan, who said that “humanitarian aid will be provided to the people of Afghanistan without political consideration” raise the issue that humanitarian issues should not be aligned with political agendas. He made aid to the needy conditional on political conditions.
Afghanistan is a poor country and forty-two years of war have taken everything from the people of this country. The international community has many moral obligations to these people that they must fulfill without concern.
It should be noted that not only the UN Under-Secretary-General, but also a number of countries have called for the return of Afghanistan’s assets, emphasizing that humanitarian aid should not be linked to political circumstances.
The UN Secretary-General, China, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, as well as a number of US and Australian senators and the former UN envoy to Afghanistan have demanded the return of Afghan assets, emphasizing engagement with the Islamic Emirate.
The needs of the Afghan people are serious. Aid agencies in the country emphasize that Afghanistan needs $ 4 billion this year to help 24 million people.
So, in such a situation, betting on aid and freezing Afghanistan’s national assets is not right, and they will be the cause of the ugly consequences and process of shaping their aid with Afghanistan into political form and content, and with unjustified excuses. They seize the national assets of this country and conspire to freeze it or pay it to others.

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