Afghanistan’s Crisis Needs Global Mobilization, Turkish Red Crescent Says

Kabul – The head of the Turkish Red Crescent Society Karim Konik says global mobilization is a necessity to fight the crisis in Afghanistan.

On Saturday, February 5, in a news conference in Kabul, he said that the Turkish “kindness train” carrying about 750 tons of humanitarian aid is expected to arrive in Afghanistan on February 9.

At the news conference, Mr. Konik called for a global mobilization campaign to raise funds for humanitarian aid to the country.

In addition, he added that his country is always working to meet the needs of Afghan citizens and has reached out to the needy in the country.

However, he warned that if the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is not addressed, the resulting migration wave will spread to all countries.

According to Turkish Red Crescent officials, a train carrying 748 tons of humanitarian aid left Turkey for Afghanistan in late January to reach its final destination.

Furthermore, Mr. Konik stated that the aid was ordered by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan through a campaign that has been collected by civil society and non-governmental organizations in coordination with the Turkish Disaster Management Authority (AFAD) and the Turkish State Railways (TCDD).

According to Mr. Konik, the aid is sent to Afghanistan in 46 wagons, including food, hygiene, and clothing which will first be delivered to Turkmen wagons through Iran to be transported to Herat from the port of Torghundi on the Turkmen border, and it will take two weeks.

Earlier, aid agencies have described the situation in Afghanistan as one of the most urgent humanitarian crises in the world.

Meanwhile, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), half of Afghanistan’s population is currently starving and more than 9 million people have been displaced. In addition, millions more children have dropped out of school.

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