Herat Businesswomen Worried About Lack of Business

A number of businesswomen in Herat have expressed concern
about the lack of market for their business, saying that they have been forced
to close their shops due to the downturn in the market for their products.

Sedigheh Tamaski, a businesswoman from the Khadijeh Al-Kobra
Business Center in Herat, said she had several production workshops in the
past, but with the start of the corona and recent political developments in the
country, all production has stopped.

Sedigheh added: “Before the start of COVID-19 and the
recent political developments in the country, I had 52 employees who worked
around the clock, but now I have no students.”

According to her, the businesswomen in this center could not
pay their electricity and shop rent for two years due to the lack of sales.

Sedigheh also stated that there are 34 shops on five floors
in this business center, of which only six shops are currently open.

Source: Wadsam

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