Ziar: 759,000 Electronic ID Cards Distributed in the Last Five Months

Kabul (BNA) Dr. Faqir Mohammad Ziar, head of the National Information and Statistics, told a news conference in Kabul today the department have been distributing more than 759,000 electronic ID cards in the province over the past five months.
According to BNA, Dr. Faqir Mohammad Ziar adding, center department of statistics of Electric ID card distribution now operate in 20 provinces of the country, including Kabul, and distribute ID cards to 16,000 to 17,000 applicants daily.
Adding the department launches online registration programs in 17 centers of Kabul and 12 provinces, reform of mistakes made on name and age of the applicants in the process through the General Directorate of the bureau of civil registration to 35,260 residents, identity registration of 3 million residents, and built movable teams work to distribute electronic ID cards to Governmental departments. As well building a team of workers in the side of the passport department is for approvals of paper IDs is one the major achievement of the departments, said he.
The head of National Statistics and Information said that the departments intend to conduct a preliminary census in the near future for a comprehensive census across the country, taking into account financial resources.
He gives detail about the future plans of the departments and promised that the Statistics and Information Department will soon resume its services in all the provinces of the country in order to provide the necessary facilities for the people.
According to him, having national ID is the right of every Citizens, and the National administration of Information and Statistics always makes sure that all Afghans benefited to of this right.
Meanwhile, the head of the Information and Statistics Department announced that some modifications have been made to the electronic IDs, but noted that the electronic IDs have been published and the paper ones also have valid documents.
It is mentionable that the National Information and Statistics administration is the only valid authority in the country in the fields of scientific registration of figures, integration of statistical activities, geographical information, population registration and cohesion and development of information systems.

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