Samangan residents get much needed aid from Bayat Foundation

Bayat Foundation distributed food parcels in Samangan province this week, bringing some relief to hundreds of at-risk families.
The food parcels included flour, rice and oil and were distributed to families identified by the foundation to be in critical need of food.
According to Bayat Foundation officials, the main aim of the program is to help Afghans in desperate need of food.
“Today we distributed food to families in Aybak city, in Samangan province. This aid included flour, rice and oil,” said Saqib, a representative of Bayat Foundation in the northern zone of the country.
Recipients of the aid welcomed the initiative and called for other organizations to also help people who are facing extreme hunger.
“We are living in poverty now. We don’t have anything to eat, and are not earning money,” said Farahidin, a resident of Samangan.
“Our economy is very bad, my husband is jobless. We are grateful for the aid from Bayat Foundation,” said Jamila, another resident of Samangan.
“We thank Bayat Foundation that helped us. We want them to continue their assistance,” said Mohammad Afzal, another resident of Samangan.
Bayat Foundation officials have pledged to continue their campaign to provide food aid to desperate families amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis gripping the country.The post Samangan residents get much needed aid from Bayat Foundation first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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