The Current Regime Implements the Former Mass Media Law

Kabul – The deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Information and Culture Zabihullah Mujahid has said at the meeting of the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee that the former government’s mass media law is applicable.

“According to the provisions of this law, a Media Violation Commission and a Joint Media Commission will be established,” said Mujahid at the meeting today (Wednesday, February 2).

According to him, the law on mass media is practicable and the Media Violation Commission will be formed soon to address the problems and violations of the media.

Moreover, he added that after the formation of the commission, no institution or ministry will interfere in the work of the media.

In addition, he has stated the work is underway on the Information Access Commission and the Information Access Law, and the results will be announced after the investigation.

On the other hand, Mujahid clarified that women can work freely in the media by observing Islamic principles.

In the meantime, he said that in case of violence against journalists, they could share the cases with the committee that is supposed to be set up.

Meanwhile, dozens of media outlets have been shut down since the collapse of the ex-regime, and journalists face severe restrictions.

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