Vendors Complain of Takhar Municipality’s New Plan

Kabul – Local sources in Takhar province say the Taleqan municipality has recently launched a new plan that has provoked complaints of vendors.

“According to the plan of Taleqan municipality, mobile booths will be moved on the sidewalks of the city,” sources told Hasht-e Subh today (Tuesday, February 1).

In addition, the sources add that the cost of making these mobile booths is 24,000 afghanis and the monthly rent is set at 4,000 afghanis.

However, a bunch of vendors in Taleqan, who are complaining about the municipality’s plan, say it is beyond their means and they cannot afford it.

According to the vendors, the mayor of Taleqan is trying to force this decision on the them.

On the other hand, the vendors say their total wealth is less than 5,000 afghanis and they are unable to comply with the municipality’s request.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for Taleqan municipality and the head of Takhar Information and Culture did not respond to our repeated calls.

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Source: Hasht-e Subh Daily

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