Afghanistan Signs Power Line Deal With Turkmenistan

Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) has announced that it has signed a power line project deal with Turkmenistan following a four-day talks with representatives of Turkmenistan and Turkish Calik Energi company.

Breshna Company today announced in a newsletter that Hafez
Mohammad Amin, General Manager of the company, in the presence of Abdul Latif
Mansour, minister of the Energy and Water, signed a contract for the
development of Noor Al-Jihad substation with a capacity of 110 to 220 kV with
Turkmen Energo company.

According to the company’s newsletter, comprehensive
discussions were also held during the four-day meetings on TAP (Turkmenistan
500 kV transmission line project to Pakistan via Afghanistan).

Turkmenistan’s director of global projects for Afghanistan
and Pakistan, Murad Artikov, described the talks between the three sides as
effective and constructive over the past four days, the statement said.

According to Breshna’s newsletter, officials stressed the
need to speed up the completion of the Sheberghan-Dasht-e-Alvan 500 kV line,
stating that this would facilitate the safe transfer of electricity from
Turkmenistan to Kabul.

Source: Wadsam

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