Taliban Ignores the Concerns of the People and the International Community

The United Nations has recently reiterated its concern over the situation in Afghanistan. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Saturday that the rights of women and girls to education, work, and justice have been denied. According to the United Nations, the Taliban-led government must recognize and uphold the fundamental human rights of every woman and girl if it is truly interested in joining the international community.

This is the first time in recent months that international organizations have called for the recognition of the rights of individuals in Afghanistan. Girls’ schools have been closed since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, and most are worried about the future of their education. Although the Taliban-led government says it will open schools in the coming months, the concerns of female students have not yet been resolved. Unfortunately, during this process, no explanation was given to the female students and their families. Given the Taliban’s track record, they believe their schools will not reopen.

Moreover, in recent months, female civil servants in the country have not been allowed to go to government offices and carry on their work. They even protested in some cases, saying that they have not been allowed to return to their duties. Officials in the Taliban-led government say they are paying government employees, stressing that female civil servants will remain in their homes until the situation is clarified. However, concerns persist from this perspective, and even the people and the international community are unsure whether women will return to work. Imposing more restrictions on women has also exacerbated these concerns.

Unfortunately, the Taliban-led government has not taken the people’s concerns seriously and has not acted on the citizens’ demands for the rights of women and girls. The authorities must be accountable to the people for everything that happens in the country. Even the slightest negligence in ensuring human rights can cause citizens concern. People need to know about their rights. They ask why girls’ schools are closed, female employees do not go to civilian institutions, public services delivery is slow, and further restrictions imposed recently. All people’s questions must be answered in due time so that they can be assured of their fundamental human rights.

The other part of their duty is to respond to the international community and human rights institutions. The international community is still unsure that what the Taliban-led government is saying and doing will be the same. The UN Secretary-General’s comments on the issue of the Taliban-led government’s membership in the international community clearly highlight these concerns. They have linked the recognition of the current regime to the protection of human rights and other conditions. Until these conditions are met, no country or international organization will recognize the Taliban-led government.

The Taliban-led government must know that the confidence of the international community depends on the approval of the Afghan people. International organizations hear and evaluate the situation from the people. Until the situation becomes normal for the citizens and they receive their answers, the international community will not provide the ground for the international legitimacy of the Taliban-led government. In the current situation, it is better to allow girls to return to school as soon as possible. Female employees should also return to work in government offices and be provided with safe access to these rights. The slightest concern for human rights can convince the international community that it is premature to try to legitimize the ruling regime.


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