How is the condition of Hazaras under the rule of Taliban?

Sky News Agency reported that a multitude of Hazaras have left Afghanistan after Taliban’s domination. The report added that Hazaras alongside other ethnic groups in Afghanistan were the main victims of war in past 20 years, especially the suicide attacks of Taliban.

The news agency added that although ISIS have threatened Shiites from Baghdad to Khorasan to kill them, but some Hazaras Shiites in an interview with Sky News said that Taliban do not accept them as Afghanistan’s citizens.

A 16-year old Hazara girl who lost her mother in one of Taliban’s suicide attacks told Sky News, “there’s a lack of everything in Afghanistan. My mother was so kind and she cared for us but there wasn’t even an ambulance to take her to hospital. I cannot believe she’s gone.”

A number of Hazaras who worked with foreign forces in Afghanistan told Sky News that Taliban are doing retaliatory actions, and because of that they are living in hiding.

This news agency added that Hazaras and other Afghans who worked with foreign forces in Afghanistan, and have recommendation letter and other documents are frightened and living in hiding.

Some of them said that Taliban’s amnesty promise was a lie, adding, “They lie. There is no amnesty. The Taliban lie.”

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