Desperate Afghans selling kidneys and children to feed their families

Afghan parents are selling their children and their kidneys in order to buy food for their families amid an ongoing humanitarian crisis in the country.
One Herat mother who sold her kidney and one of her daughters to provide basic needs for her family, said life for her at the moment was “hell”.
Bibi Zanan, a resident of Herat, stated: “I wish I had not been born at all. I wish I had not seen these [difficult] days. I am living life as if I am in hell. I have sold my kidney. Then I had to sell one of my daughters. With the money I have to provide the needs of my home.”
Gulbuddin, another Herat resident whose wife is suffering from an illness, said that he was ready to sell both his eyes in order to help keep his wife alive.
Herat officials, however, claimed that people are exaggerating the economic crisis gripping Afghanistan and said the situation is not as bad as people say.
Naeem Haqqani, head of Herat Information and Cultural Directorate, stated: “People generally exaggerate the situation.”
However, the kidney transplant center in Herat told Ariana News that more than 200 people have visited the center to sell their kidneys in the past five years.
“I have worked here for five years. During this period more than 200 people visited us to sell [one of] their kidneys. People are being forced to sell their body organs [to provide food for their families],” one doctor from the clinic said.The post Desperate Afghans selling kidneys and children to feed their families first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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