US to Close Afghan Embassy in Washington

Kabul – The United States has informed Afghan diplomats in Washington that it is shutting down the Afghan embassy in the country, Al Arabiya English TV reported.

According to Al Arabiya English TV, the US will close all Afghan diplomatic missions in the country.

The US has also stripped of the diplomatic immunity of Afghan political representatives, Al Arabia TV added.

However, the US State Department sources told Al Arabia: “There has been no change in the status of Afghanistan’s diplomatic mission in the US.

Meanwhile, the move comes after VOA reported yesterday that the bank accounts of the Afghan embassy in the US had been closed, and it had become a nuisance for Afghan diplomats in that country.

On the other hand, the VOA quoted Afghan diplomatic sources as saying that the date of Afghan passports in the US is over, but the extension of passports is returning to normal.

Moreover, Afghan diplomats in the US have said the closure of bank accounts has had a negative effect on the transfer of embassy money, including salaries and insurance.

However, the Taliban have not yet commented, and neither have the State Department of the US.

According to VOA, Afghan diplomats had said quoted by the US State Department that the issue should not be covered by the media.

After the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, the majority of the country’s diplomatic missions refused to work with the Taliban regime.

On the other hand, the Taliban-led government has not been recognized by any country for the past five months which this trend has negatively affected the status of Afghanistan’s diplomatic missions.

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