ADB Approved $405 million in grants to Afghanistan

Kabul (BNA) The Asian Development Bank (ADB) approves $405 million aid package in granting Afghanistan supply of food security in this dire crisis.

According to (BNA) The ADB said in a statement that the aid was to be used in the sector of food security, education and health care for the Afghanistan people.

It also said that the aid package is being used through UN agencies in Afghanistan.

According to the Asian Development Bank newsletter, the aid package will provide emergency food for 800,000 people, agricultural equipment and tools for 390,000 families and food for work to about 168,000 people.

The ADB newsletter also adds that about 5.3 million people will be covered by the financial services.

According to the United Nations, more than 22 million people in Afghanistan are living in extreme poverty and food shortages.

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