Villagers in Baghlan Still Provide Food for Taliban Fighters

Kabul – The residents of some villages in Baghlan province say that despite poverty and unemployment, Taliban forces still ask them for food.

“Taliban officials in mosques order food for their forces by asking the people,” Nasimullah (alias name), a resident of Darah Bajgha village in the district of Khenjan of Baghlan, told Hasht-e Subh today (Tuesday, January 25).

According to the source, about 10 to 15 Taliban forces in their neighborhood mosque ask them for food and heating facilities, including blankets and wood.

Taliban authorities in these villages have forced people to provide these facilities to their forces.

According to villagers in the district, people have repeatedly referred to the local Taliban office in the district to solve this problem, however, no action has been taken yet.

Meanwhile, it has been about five months since the Taliban took office, but the supply problems of the Taliban have not yet been resolved, a problem that has plagued rural people in various parts of the country.

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Source: Hasht-e Subh Daily

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