ISKP Claims Responsibility for a Deadly Attack in Herat

The Islamic State in Khurasan Province (ISKP) has reportedly claimed responsibility for Saturday’s deadly attack in Herat province.

The ISKP claimed responsibility for the attack in Herat on Sunday (January 23rd) via its Telegram channel, Reuters reported.

The ISKP targeted a civilian vehicle in the Haji Abbas neighborhood, west of Herat, killing seven people and wounding ten others.

Civilian victims include women and children.

It was the first attack of its kind since the Taliban took control of Herat, but it is not the first deadly ISKP attack in Afghanistan. The attack took place in a Hazara and Shiite neighborhood.

The ISKP has carried out several deadly attacks on Hazaras since the rise of the Taliban.

Although the Taliban insist that they have launched offensives against the ISKP, they do not consider the group a significant threat.

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