Protestors in Bamyan, Toronto, and Olso Urge Not to Recognize Taliban Regime

Kabul – The holding of the Oslo summit in Norway, and the invitation of the Taliban to participate in the summit, have been responsive. A bunch of protesters from Bamyan in Afghanistan, Toronto in Canada, and Oslo in Norway are urging the organizers of the meeting not to recognize the Taliban-acting government.

Many protesters marched in Oslo on Friday, others in Bamyan on Saturday, and the others today (Sunday, January 23) in the Canadian city of Toronto, demanding from the Norwegian embassy, and its government not to recognize the Taliban and to force them to respect human rights, especially the rights of women and girls.

Dozens of protesters in Bamyan have said that their fate should not be traded at the Oslo summit and that women’s right to freedom should be restored.

Protesters in Oslo have donated a burqa to the Norwegian foreign minister.

Moreover, the protesters in the Oslo meeting have blamed the Taliban for the current crisis and called on the Norwegian government to bring Taliban representatives to the international court.

In addition, a number of protesters in Toronto, Canada, have protested that countries around the world should not turn a blind eye to the crimes committed in Afghanistan at the Oslo summit.

The marches come as an Oslo summit is scheduled to be attended by a delegation from the Taliban, Norway’s allies, including the United States and Britain, as well as representatives of Afghan women in the Norwegian capital.

On the other hand, the Norwegian government has stated that holding the meeting does not mean recognizing the Taliban-acting government.

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