Bayat Foundation steps in to help at-risk families in Maidan Wardak province

Bayat Foundation officials said Friday they have sent in a huge consignment of food aid to Maidan Wardak province to help hundreds of needy families.
According to officials, the aid includes flour, rice and oil, which they have started distributing to deserving families in the province.
“In continuation of the Bayat Foundation aid campaign, which sees us distribute aid every winter, today we had a program in Maidan Wardak province to distribute to deserving people. The aid included flour, rice and oil. The aid will be distributed in other provinces also,” said Haji Mohammad Ismail, deputy head of Bayat Foundation.
Recipients of the food parcels welcomed the initiative and called on other charity organizations to help families in need.
“This winter, many people are in need [of aid]; they assisted us, we are grateful. We want them to help us again [in the future],” said one Maidan Wardak recipient.
“Our people are in need. No one has helped them so far. We are grateful to Bayat Foundation that helped us during this difficult time,” said another recipient.
“We are very grateful, because they helped us. We want them to continue their aid so we can survive this difficult situation,” said another resident of Wardak.
Each year, Bayat Foundation carries out a winter campaign, providing needy people with food. This winter, however, the foundation has ramped up efforts to reach as many Afghans as possible across the country amid the ongoing economic crisis.
Already thousands of desperate families have received food parcels from Bayat Foundation in over a dozen provinces in the country.
Food parcels are given to only the most at-risk families who are identified through a comprehensive assessment carried out by the foundation once an area has been earmarked for distribution.The post Bayat Foundation steps in to help at-risk families in Maidan Wardak province first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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