IEA’S PM: It’s Time for the World to Recognize IEA’s Officially

Kabul (BNA) IEA’S acting Prime Minister, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, called for international governments to officially recognize IEA’S administration, Says at Kabul first Economic Conference at presidential Palace today.

“I ask all governments, especially Islamic countries, that they should initiates recognition,” Acting PM said, in his first major public broadcast appearance since he assumed the role in September.

Foreign powers have been reluctant to recognition the IEA’S administration which Role over Afghanistan in August while Western nations led by the United States have frozen billions of dollars’ funds of Afghan banking assets and cut off development funding that once formed the backbone of Afghanistan’s economy.

Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund and his deputy Abdul Salam Hanafi and officials made an appeal at the news conference, also attended by United Nations representative Deborah Lyons and officials, for a loosening of restrictions on money into the country, blaming its growing economic crisis on the freezing of funds.

“Short-term aid is not the solution; we must try to find a way to solve problems fundamentally,” he said.

Deborah Lyons “We are working to lift sanctions against Afghanistan, which is a serious problem not only for Afghanistan but it’s a more problematic Economic crisis for countries in the region.

Mawlavi Abdul Salam Hanafi, deputy of PM says on this conference “20 years of Afghanistan’s past Economic scale had based on foreign countries support, which now all those aids cutoff along contractors, He added IEA Proved his commitments by securing aid agencies security but Afghanistan needs further assistance for future development than humanitarian aids.

Afterward, Hibayatullah Badri, acting foreign minister of IEA give his speech said “Afghanistan’s Taxation flow is better than ever in the country, added foreign aids cannot solve our Economic problems forever, we must listen to our country’s Businessmen, Investor, Industrialists and met to objectively their point of views and to make further plans for the growth of our economic which is essential for developments.

Since the enter long-military occupation overs in Afghanistan the International supportive funds for infrastructure cut off and Afghanistan monetary feezed by the most powerful countries in the world, which lift Afghanistan economic and humanitarian crisis and dozens of people are currently facing starvation-along with cold winter upon them.

Abdul Wasea Alamyar

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