Death Tolls of Earthquake in Northern Province of Afghanistan, Badghis Merge to 30

Kabul (BNA) Recent death toll of earthquake increased to 30 in northern province of Afghanistan the magnitude of this earthquake estimates 5.9 that has destroyed 800 of houses in that province.

Although some are missing under debris of the incident, which local authorities says efforts are underway to track down missing.

The 5.6 magnitude tremor shook the western province of Badghis, bordering Turkmenistan and some part of Iran on late 17 Monday of Jan 2022, reducing brick homes to rubble, according to photos shared by local authorities.

U.S Seismologists estimates quake’s magnitude at 5.9 decimal places on the Richter scale.

The epicenter was reported below the Qades district of Badghis, where it is mostly poor and its houses are built of mud and made of raw clay.

A local official in Badghis says the death toll has risen to 30 so far.

Some have disappeared and there is a possibility of an increase in casualties.

Local authorities said “that at least 56 people were injured in this earthquake in Badghis, Women and children are as well among the victims”

Mawlavi Baz Mohammad Sarwari, Director of information and culture of Badghis, told to BNA, “At least 20 people were killed and 40 others were injured in Qadis district, where was the epicenter of earthquake.

According to reports, more than a thousand of houses have been partially or completely destroyed by the earthquake, eight hundred of which are located in Qades district only.

Thousands of villagers who lost their houses in this natural incident passing their day and night in their neighbors’ house and in public places like mosques and schools.

Seyed Agha, a man who lost three members of his family in the quake, is calling for immediate help.

He says along losing his loved once he’s houses destroyed completely and has nothing for living.

Mawlavi Bari Dad Saber, Director of the anti-accident of Badghis, who travels with a delegation of Islamic Emirate to Qadis district, the epicenter of the earthquake, said that the process of providing assistance to the suffered families had begun.

In addition to distributing food, clothing and tents, the department also provided cash to the families of the victims and the injured, he said.

On the other hand, a number of Humanitarian aid agencies have started process of providing assistance to the suffered families of Badghis Province.

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