Women in Kabul ask IEA to reopen women’s ministry

A number of pro-Taliban women gathered in Kabul on Monday, January 17, 2022, and said that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is a system that guarantees national and Islamic interest.

The gathering is rare as all the all-women demonstrations have been carried out to criticize and oppose the Taliban.

The gathering was organized by elite women’s foundation and the attendants said that Afghanistan will not surrender to any kind of pressure from the world and that interaction with the de facto authorities in Kabul is in favor of all.

Members of the foundation said that if the US and the world advocates for women and human rights then why have they affected the lives of nearly 40 million Afghan people by economic sanctions.

They also welcomed UN Secretary-General’s plea for releasing Afghanistan’s assets now frozen in the US banks.

In the meantime, they asked the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to reactivate women’s ministry, hire female teachers for classes up to sixth grade in all schools, appoint female deputy ministers for ministries of education and higher education, separate female widows’ department from the ministry of martyrs and disables and merge it in the ministry of women affairs.

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