Child Rescued from Grip of Kidnappers

Zaranj (BNA) A child was rescued from kidnappers yesterday.

Intelligence forces in a special operation were able to rescue 13-year-old child name Ehsanullah from kidnappers.

According to reports, the kidnappers kept the child in a house in Mohajerabad area of ​​Zaranj city in central Nimroz.

The kidnappers were apparently absent from the scene before the intelligence forces arrived.

Nimroz intelligence source told BNA that the child had been handed over to his family.

Efforts to identify and arrest the perpetrators of the abduction, he said. Ehsanullah’s father thanked the intelligence forces and said that the kidnappers had warned that they would kill hid child if he did not give them too much money.


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Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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