570 Needy Received Winter Clothes in Badakhshan

Kabul – Many young volunteers in Badakhshan say they have distributed winter clothes to 570 needy people in Faizabad, the provincial capital.

These young people say that a month ago, they launched a winter clothing collection campaign under the name of “Help and Kindness Campaign”, which resulted in the collection of 700 types of clothing.

The volunteer youth say that today Monday 570 types of clothes were distributed to the needy and the remaining clothes will be distributed to the deserving families after packing.

The program is to be launched in Badakhshan districts as well, according to the volunteers.

Meanwhile, another charity foundation called Mohammad has distributed 70 pairs of clothing to the poor and needy in the Argo district of Badakhshan.

The receivers of the aid expressed satisfaction with the action of the young volunteers, asking donors to help them.

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