Customs Revenue of Logar Hence by 13 million Afghanis

 Paul Alam (BNA) Governor of Logar province announced an increase of 13 million afghanis in revenue in that province.

According to BAN reporter, in a function held on the occasion of “Tax Week” in center of Logar, Mawlavi Anamullah Salahudden, deputy governor of Logar, said “Islam is the most complete religion, which has brought the most complete economic principles to human beings in the economic sector”

The deputy governor of Logar called on all directortate of civil institutions, businessmen, companies and shopkeepers to cooperate with custom of Logar office in order to boost country’s economy and pay Taxes. Abdul Rafi, Tax collector for custom office of Logar, said, the department had collected 60 to 70 percent of revenue this year, an increase of 13 million afghanis from last year.

In another report states, at the beginning of the “Tax Week” a function held in Ghazni province to promote the Tax paying culture in the country, Khalifa Sahib Mohammad Ishaq Akhundzadeh, Governor of Ghazni said “Citizens should pay their taxes according to the law without any delay in time to be like other countries” We should be self-sufficient from our economic point of opinion.


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Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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