Purifications Committee: 3,000 People Expelled From Islamic Emirate Queue So Far

Kabul (BNA) Purifications committee of IEA stay committed expelling of those who abuse’s ranks of Emirate.

Latifullah Hakimi, Head of Purifications committee said, “We have cleared abusers for 11 provinces of the country.

The committee set up after a number of abusers, identified as Talib and Mujahid, harassed people.

Latifullah Hakimi says, so far 2790 have been expelled from the ranks of the forces of the Islamic Emirate on charges abusing name of the Islamic Emirate, most of them have been refers to the judiciary after identifications.

He warned that those who harass people for defaming the Islamic Emirate would be arrested and brought to justice.

Meanwhile, a number of Kabul residents have said that uniforms should be distributed to the security forces of the Islamic Emirate and that an identity card should be issued, which will help separates the security forces from those who abuse.

Lately acts of purification committee and other acts taken by the security departments to ensure security in the city of Kabul indicate that the Islamic Emirate has further plans to ensure the security of the people.

Lately, Sirajuddin Haqqani, the acting Minister of Interior, stressed needs to provide security and a safe environment for the people of Kabul. Treat all their clients well, do not close your doors to anyone, respect the clerics, elder of tribes and influential people and take care of their problems.

As well He is Excellency advised Kabul security officials to treat detainees legally in accordance with Sharia Rule and not to detain them for more than a certain period of time.

He’s Excellency stressed need to implement the amnesty decree of Amir al-Momenin to protect the security of all citizens, especially the residents of Kabul, and called on security personnel to perform their religious responsibilities.

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