Over 30 prisoners released from Takhar jail

The Takhar Justice and Judicial Commission, which investigates problems in the province’s prisons, has found 37 prisoners incarcerated at the facility to be innocent and released them this week. 
 Takhar court officials say some of the detainees had charges against them and that their crimes were minor. These prisoners were released without bail, while others were released on bail. 
 “They are released in two categories, one has no guarantee and they were not charged and a number of inmates were released on bail and some were transferred to districts and will be released on bail after investigations (have been completed),” said Mawlavi Abdul Manan, Takhar City Court judge. 
 Takhar court officials say that in future members of this commission will visit the prison every two weeks to assess the challenges of the prisoners and release innocent people.
 Officials at Takhar prison say 84 people are being held in prison, including seven women. 
 In addition to the release of the 37 prisoners, additional inmates who allegedly committed crimes in districts would be transferred to the relevant districts while investigations are conducted into their cases. 
 The people who were released from prison welcomed the move and say that they will refrain from committing crimes in future. 
 “I was here for 45 days, now I am released, and will go home, I will not sin anymore, these 45 days of imprisonment is enough,” said Habibullah, a released prisoner. 
 Prison officials have urged members of the Islamic Emirate to introduce the detainees to the judiciary and not to send people to prison without a court order.The post Over 30 prisoners released from Takhar jail first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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