Alia Azizi, Manager of Herat Prison, Disappeared since October

The poor economic situation had left no choice for her. To free her children from the nightmare of poverty, she broke the old strict tradition and put on military uniforms. She learned the infantry, military rules, and officially entered the military framework of the republican order alongside men in the traditional society of Herat.

Alia Azizi was working as the manager of the Herat Prison, unaware of what would happen tomorrow.

Alia served like tens of thousands of other soldiers until the last days of the former regime; however, after the collapse of the government, according to the available allegations, she was asked to continue her duty in Herat prison, a claim which is also confirmed by some officials of the Taliban acting government.

According to Alia’s relatives, she also recorded several days of duty under the Taliban acting government, but the first days of the Taliban were the last days for her.

Mina Naderi, a close friend of Alia Azizi, describes the narration of this day and Alia returning to duty while she has been waiting to see her for four months now.

According to Mina, the Taliban’s repeated calls to return to duty cause Ms. Azizi to ignore Mina’s advice and go to Herat Prison to continue her duty.

Alia is from the Jibril region of Herat who worked for four years as the manager of women’s prison under the former regime, and in recent days she has taken up the post after the Taliban came to power.

In an interview with Hasht-e Subh, Mina said that Ms. Azizi had been on duty for two consecutive weeks under the Taliban’s government, but she has been disappeared for four months since October 2, 2021.

Ms. Naderi stated that their findings show that Alia lost her communication near the building in Herat province after 12 noon while returning from duty and that no clear clue has been obtained from her so far.

Relatives of Alia Azizi say they have repeatedly approached the security services of the Taliban in Herat during this period, but so far no one has responded satisfactorily.

Meanwhile, some officials of the Taliban for Herat told Hasht-e Subh that they had no information about the incident.

Mawlawi Mohammad Nabi Khalil, the director of Herat prison, told Hasht-e Subh that they did not have a prisoner in the jail with these characteristics.

A former military in Herat province also confirmed to Hasht-e Subh that she had returned to duty after several contacts of the Taliban officials. The source, who did not want to be named, added: “Ms. Azizi has worked in Herat prison for a long time. According to my accurate information, she was asked to return to duty, as if a female prisoner had come to this prison and you should return to your duty.”

Although four months have passed since her disappearance, recently, after the arrest and release of several media figures in the center of the country, a campaign has been launched by some women rights activists for the release of Alia Azizi on social media.

Bahnaz Rasouli, a civil society activist and media outlet in Herat, joined the social media campaign, accusing the Taliban-acting government of making false promises to implement a general amnesty. In an interview with Hasht-e Subh, Ms. Rasouli said that the discrimination against women by the Taliban has become a serious concern for women activists in the country, especially women in Herat province.

The women’s rights activist added that although there is less hope among women that they will be able to achieve their basic rights, they expect the leadership of the Taliban acting regime to prevent arbitrary detentions in addition to releasing Alia Azizi.

Taliban security officials for Herat, however, deny allegations of persecution and arrest of Ms. Azizi.

In the meantime, Mahmood Shah Rasouli, spokesman for the Taliban police command in Herat, said the allegations were being made to find a way out of the country.

Mahmood Shah added that none of the former soldiers are currently being persecuted in Herat province and that all employees and soldiers of the Republican regime are continuing their normal lives.

On the other hand, the Intelligence of the Taliban in Herat confirms that Alia Azizi has been serving at the female prison for nearly a month since taking office in the province.

Sabet Heravi, the Taliban’s director of psychological operations in Herat, said it was possible that Alia Azizi had gone abroad. In an interview with Hasht-e Subh, he added: “she was asked to go to prison and she served for a month or more, but we assure you 100% that she has not been arrested by anybody in Herat and is not currently in custody.”

Meanwhile, the detentions of ex-militaries have raised a great deal of concern on social media for a month.

Some videos posted on social media from provinces such as Kabul also show Taliban forces arresting and torturing some former soldiers.

Meanwhile, the Taliban officials have always advised their forces to comply with the amnesty, but reports of disregard for these orders are also published from time to time.

Now, Alia Azizi’s fate and the destiny of her family are tied to the decision of the Taliban’s government security agencies on what practical steps to take to find her.

Sayed Rafi Sadat, Hasht-e Subh Persian

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