2 Dead Due to Traffic Accident in Parwan

Kabul – Two people were killed and two others were injured when a vehicle veered into the river in Parwan, authorities in the traffic management of the province say.

“The incident took place before noon today Thursday, in the Tajikan area of Jabal Saraj district of the province,” Abdul Manaf Farooqi, the head of the Taliban’s traffic department for Parwan, told Hasht-e Subh.

The injured and the victims of this incident were members of the same family, he stated.

According to Farooqi, the incident took place when a 4Runner car deviated from the road due to an icy road and fell into the Salang River.

It is worth mentioning that every year in the cold season, due to the icy road, traffic accidents occur on the North and South Salang Highway.

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Source: Hasht-e Subh Daily

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