People Are Not Safe

The people of Afghanistan have been living in a state of insecurity since August 15. The Taliban’s arbitrary operations and the arrest of individuals have spread a sense of insecurity. Now people are scared. This fear is visible in the social and political life of the citizens.

For the past four and a half months, the Taliban have responded to protests by people, especially women, with guns and whips. Taliban militants have blocked media coverage and harassed journalists. As a result, it has not been possible for the media to cover women’s protest rallies independently. The videos and photos released during the protests were recorded and published by the protesting women. In many cases, protesting women gathered indoors and raised their voices because of the Taliban’s brutal treatment and fear of being persecuted.

The situation is the same in Kabul and the provinces. Protests were not heard, and Taliban officials turned a blind eye to the suffering of the people. Although they do not pay attention to the needs of the people and the demands of the world, they expect the people to be obedient and not to raise their voices. This fact is evident in the behavior of the Taliban. In their view, the protest has been equivalent to rebellion.

Indeed, people are not safe both at home and in society. Some of the arrests and killings in the last four and a half months have taken place inside homes. A clear example is the detention of six women and three children in Kapisa province. They were detained from their homes, and people protested over the incident. Many arrests have taken place in other parts of the country in the same way. Taliban members deal with the people like police, law, and court.

In a situation where there is no clear vision for the Afghan people, the rule of “fear” can not last long. There is a famous proverb saying that if you restrict people, they will go to war. The ongoing demonstrations of women and the protests on Monday, the people of Kapisa, are examples of this proverb. If the situation continues like this, there will undoubtedly be more incidents.

The fact is that people are struggling with destructive poverty and are living with a constant sense of insecurity. So far, no one has paid attention to the plight of civilians, which is not strange. People’s voices are not heard and, media access to information is limited. Commanders and officials of the Taliban-led government also look at the situation from a “dominant” and “victorious” position and routinely deny many events. At least so far, this has been the case. In the meantime, it is in the Taliban’s interest to pay attention to history. History has clear messages for the Taliban. One of the prominent messages of history is that monopoly, totalitarianism, revenge, violence, and repression have no future and provide the basis for the reproduction of violence.

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