Nearly 70% of Factories in Herat Are In Recession

Officials at the Herat Chamber of Industries and Mines say
that 70 percent of manufacturing plants in the province are in recession.

Hamidullah Khadem, head of the Herat Chamber of Industries
and Mines, said the inactivity of banks and the lack of raw materials were
among the problems that had caused the factories to stagnate.

Officials in the Chamber continue to say that they have
repeatedly discussed factory problems with government officials and that they
have pledged to address them.

Khadem also added that factory officials could not get more
money from banks to buy raw materials from abroad and keep their factories

It is worth mentioning that these factories used to be
active in the production of construction materials and foodstuffs, including
biscuits, soft drinks, jams and some other materials.

According to the head of the Herat Chamber of Industries and
Mines, the inactivity of the factories has left hundreds of people unemployed
in the province.

Source: Wadsam

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