Crime Control Requires Planning

Recently, criminal activities, especially kidnappings and assassinations, have increased unprecedentedly. Sources in Pul-e-Khumri on Saturday said they had found the body of a young girl while unloading a power seal. The girl’s body was taken to the morgue of Baghlan Provincial Hospital. Authorities said they could not identify the body and were trying to find the girl’s relatives. Thus, the reason for the murder of this young girl and the identity of the perpetrators remained unknown.

Another incident took place in Balkh province. On Sunday, four people, who had mysteriously been killed, were found in Mazar-e-Sharif. Family members of one of the victims said the civilians had been detained by individuals claiming to be members of the Taliban. The bodies of these people were then found in the Dasht-e-Shor of Mazar-e-Sharif, in a situation where the eyes of one of the victims had been pulled out. Also among the victims was a man whose family member was mysteriously killed in Balkh about a month ago.

In some cases, Taliban forces have lost their focus on preventing crime. Their forces conducted a military exercise in Herat on Sunday. The maneuver took place when crime rates in the province have peaked. Gunmen assassinated a member of the board of directors of the Herat Money Changers Association. In addition, three school children and another person were abducted by gunmen in separate incidents. The people of Herat, in response to the recent action of the Taliban, said that the Taliban should think about the people and prevent criminal offenses instead of maneuvering.

More than four months after the Taliban returned to power, their forces have been unable to provide security. The crime rate in Kabul and some other provinces increased. In some cases, gunmen have even clashed in parts of Kabul. Unfortunately, the Taliban-led government does not yet have a security mechanism. Taliban forces do not yet have uniforms and, people have difficulty recognizing them. It is the reason why the armed people used the opportunity to steal and kill people. Some people also do not trust the Taliban and often guard themselves for their security.

The economic crisis in the country is worrying, and the security problems have exacerbated this concern. The Taliban must feel responsible in the current situation as those in power. In the first step, they must seriously fight poverty to eliminate the root cause of crime. Also, make their security plan so that people know under what conditions their security is taken. In addition, by adopting an approach, do not allow gunmen to commit crimes under the name of the Taliban. If this situation continues, the Taliban will be responsible for failing to fill the gaps in crime control.

The fact that people are being killed all over the country and no explanation is given for their murder shows the inability of the Taliban’s security sector. If the Taliban forces are not able to provide security for the people, they must tell the people. Otherwise, steps must be taken to curb criminal offenses. They must be accountable to the people for all events. Any negligence in this regard will make people distrustful of having security, and this will open the way for other armed groups to commit more crimes.

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