Pay Attention to the Asylum Seekers in Indonesia: Social Media Users

Kabul – Numerous social media users have criticized the continued plight of thousands of Afghan refugees in Indonesia and launched a hashtag in support of them under the slogan “Take Care of Migrants in Indonesia.”

The purpose of the lawsuit is to pay attention to the fate of thousands of immigrants who are in uncertain situations in Indonesia, the social media users stated.

The lawsuit is set to be launched at various times in many countries around the world, including the United States, and so far more than 20,000 people have joined the lawsuit.

This hashtag is set to become a “trend” on social media.

Earlier last month, many social media users launched a hashtag in support of these asylum seekers under the slogan “End Ten Years of Uncertainty.”

The lawsuits were launched after a large number of Afghan citizens in Indonesia, whose asylum applications had not been processed for years, protested.

Many of these immigrants allegedly sewed their lips together in protest, and one of them set himself on fire in front of the UN building in Indonesia.

Prior to this protest by social users, the asylum case of Esmatullah and Latif was closed forever after seven years of waiting.

The two asylum seekers died with a time difference of fewer than 24 hours on (Wednesday, January 6th).

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