Infant Lost in Chaos of Afghanistan, Returns to Family

Kabul – The baby who went missing during the evacuation process at Kabul airport has been returned to his family, according to foreign media reports.

The lost infant has been reunited with his father and grandparents in the United States, Reuters reported today (Sunday, January 9th).

The baby is named Sohail and disappeared from his family at Kabul airport on August 19, during the evacuation process.

The person who found the infant was named Hamid Safi, who drives a taxi in Kabul.

He took Sohail home with him while he was crying at Kabul airport.

Now, about five months later, he has returned the baby to his family.

The boy’s father told Reuters in early November that in a fit of despair, he had handed Sohail over from the airport wall to a uniformed soldier who he believed was American.

He expected to walk the remaining five meters to the airport entrance and pick up his baby again but failed.

Meanwhile, the baby is being handed over to his family as more than 1,000 infants have been transferred from Afghanistan to the US during the evacuation process without the presence of their families, according to CNN reports.

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