Taliban Fighters Continue to Seek Revenge

On August 15, the Taliban took control of all Afghan cities. For the past four and a half months, their leaders have spoken of a general amnesty. Taliban government officials have told members of the army and the former government to live in the country without fear or anxiety, adding that their lives and property would be safe. Overall, their “general amnesty” order has been widely publicized since the Taliban returned to power.

What is going on in the country is contrary to the promises and claims of Taliban leaders. Recently, members of the military and former government, female judges, journalists, and civil activists across the country have been repeatedly killed, harassed, and retaliated against by Taliban fighters and militias affiliated with the group. Assassinations, beatings, and torture of civilians by the Taliban were reported in various provinces. One month ago, Hasht-e Subh found out in a survey that in the first two months of the fall of Kabul, in Ghor province alone, there were 17 cases of assassinations. The situation is similar in other parts of Afghanistan. In the last four and a half months, disturbing videos of the inhuman treatment of Taliban members against members of the previous army have been released.

In the past two days, at least three incidents have been reported, showing that retaliation and violence by Taliban fighters continue unabated. In Balkh province, locals confirmed that the Taliban killed a couple on charges of prostitution. In another incident, a 65-year-old man was beaten by Taliban insurgents in the Nakhjir district of Samangan. Also, from Kapisa province, a video has been made available to Hasht-e Subh showing destroyed houses and graves. According to locals, people close to the Taliban have destroyed the graves and houses of some public uprising forces in the village of Payendakhel in the Tagab district of Kapisa province in retaliation. Undoubtedly, events like this happen far more than is reported. But due to restrictions, it is not disclosed to the public.

There is a big difference between what the Taliban claims and what is going on in Afghanistan. The group’s fighters are opposed to the words and promises of their leaders and are constantly using violence against various sections of society, especially members of the army and the former government. They do not abide by the law of war and humanitarian law, and as in the past, they are both law and law enforcers. That fact must be taken into account. ”

The war in Afghanistan has continued in a very cruel way. The people of Afghanistan have always been affected by both parties in the war. Victims of the war expected that “transitional justice” would one day be implemented in the country and that human rights violators and war criminals would be brought to justice. With the fall of the republican order, the paper turned in favor of the Taliban. The unfair part of these developments, meanwhile, is that the Taliban are not keeping their promise. It is not unreasonable to expect that unbridled retaliation, far more than in the past, will pave the way for a new round of violence in the country. When the ballot again turns to the people, there will be no opportunity for the Taliban to make amends. It is in the interest of this group to stop violence and respect the rights and dignity of human beings.

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