Runaway president of Afghansitan breaks his silence

On mid-August 2021, former runaway president, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, and some of his close friends that run the government, left the nation in terror, poverty, and hunger and fled the country. On October 18, 2021, Ghani sharing a video message said that he had to leave the country, because Taliban would execute him. After that he was totally silent until September 8, 2021 that day he released a statement. Following that statement it seemed that he had no word to say, but on September 28 he tweeted that his Facebook page was hacked. After that he kept silence until the Afghansitan cricket team defeat the Scotland cricket team, and he congratulated. Since then no one knew where he was? And what he did?

But now, BBC could interview him and asked some questions about the day that he left the country, and what happened after that?

Ghani said that he had to leave the country that day, because all provinces were fallen. If he ordered the resistance, people would die, and Kabul would be destroyed.

Runaway president of Afghanistan said that there was no place for Afghan government in peace talks. The US directly talk to Taliban and unilaterally made the decision to release Taliban fighters. On the other hand, Taliban even did not talk to Afghan government, saying, “The Taliban refused to engage in a political discussion with us saying, “who are you?” even the prisoners said this is a US commitment, and the US is going to deliver.”

Ghani believes that he is a victim, he said, “I was painted in total black..we were never given the opportunity to sit down with them. Ambassador Khalilzad sat down with them. It became an American issue. They erased us.”

But the US special representative for Afghanistan’s reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad, reacting to Ghani’s remarks said that if Ghani did not flee, there would be an agreement on an inclusive government. There would be a Loya Jirga and formal transfer of power.

After Ghani fled the country there were some reports that he took a huge amount of money with himself, but he repeatedly refused the issue. He said all Afghans knew his lifestyle, and what would he do with money?

“My style of life is known to everyone what would I do with money. This is an accusation particularly coming first part from Russia, and it is then circulated”: Ghani added.

Ghani said that he has been pondering and writing in past hundred days. His all life work has been destroyed and he is not delighted to be abroad, saying, “I did not come unlike others because of special relationship with intelligence agencies or other things.”

But from the very beginning, lots of people have started to criticize his remarks severely, one of them is Saad Mohseni that said, “Afghans and our history books will forever remember him as a coward and a bullshitter.”

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