The Passport Distribution to Resume in Kabul Next Week

Kabul – The Passport General Directorate officials say the department is likely to resume its operations in Kabul next week.

The general passport director Alam Gul Haqqani told Hasht-e Subh today Wednesday that the activities of the Kabul passport department would resume after a few days of suspension. However, he did not specify the exact time of it.

“It is possible that the passport office will start operating next week, but I cannot say the exact time,” said Haqqani.

However, he noted that work is underway to resume the activities of the passport office in Kabul as soon as possible.

Officials at the department announced on Sunday, December 26th, that they would suspend the department’s activities due to an order from the Interior Ministry, and it was said at the time that it would resume operations after three days.

The decision was made after a suicide bomber wanted to blow himself up near the headquarters on Thursday last week while the day was reserved for Taliban forces, and the Interior Ministry said it had prevented the blast.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people are now gathering in front of the office to get their passports, including students and patients.

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Source: Hasht-e Subh Daily

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