Taliban Leader Urges the Group’s Fighters to Respect the General Amnesty

Taliban spokesmen and sources have published the recommendations of Taliban leader Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada, who is said to have made the remarks at a “large meeting with Kandahar officials.”

The Taliban leader has insisted that their general amnesty be upheld by the group’s fighters. Some of these recommendations relate to the Taliban’s internal affairs.

According to the Taliban, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada advised Taliban forces to respect his pardon. He also stressed that the former regime’s employees should not be punished for their “previous crimes.”

According to a text published by Mohammad Naeem, a spokesman for the Taliban’s political bureau, Mullah Hibatullah stated that everyone would be respected, adding that the dignity of the people in the country does not exist outside of Afghanistan and that no Afghans should be deprived of it. He called on Taliban officials, scholars, tribal elders, governors, and district governors to persuade those who are leaving the country to stay at home.

He called on Taliban officials to provide a haven for the people and to preserve their dignity. In addition, all Afghans expect them to do so.

The Taliban leader has also made recommendations on the group’s internal affairs. He told Taliban members that they would not take responsibility themselves and that if the elders gave them responsibility, they should obey their orders.

Mullah Hibatullah has instructed his people to carry out their assigned responsibilities per the principles, procedures, and bill and to refrain from acting arbitrarily.

“Take your responsibility in a way that you can feel proud of in the future,” he said. “Always seek the advice of scholars to take better responsibility.”

The Taliban leader has advised his forces to consider all Afghans as their brothers.

He also called on those under his command never to oppress the people, as oppression has dire consequences.

The Taliban have been advised by their leader not to use the “tools provided by God” for “oppression and arrogance,” employing impotence in carrying out their responsibilities.

“Fight for justice together and give everyone their due,” the Taliban leader stated. “Do not coerce in responsibility, do not be individualistic and do not assign duties to anyone based on language and ethnicity, but assign duties based on talent. Respect the elders, do not complain about them, be honored, and do not do anything without the permission of the elders.”

Mullah Hibatullah also stressed the good coordination between Taliban members and their non-interference in each other’s affairs.

Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada’s other pieces of advice are to observe good morals during the effort and night patrols, ensure the security of the people, and stand firm with the Taliban regime.

He concluded by stressing that the Taliban were in for a big test, urging members to pass the test, seeking everyone’s contribution in “making a good history.”

The recommendations come as assassinations of former military personnel and some civilians and former government employees continue despite a general amnesty.

Some Taliban members in the provinces have also complained of injustice in the distribution of privileges, facilities, and power.

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